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Transmission Repair & Rebuild

Is flushing your transmission good for it?

Yes, if done properly. Flushing your transmission removes harmful material from the system and replaces broken down fluid; however, doing only a flush can leave harmful material in the sump, which can be pulled into the filter restricting vital lube causing extreme damage to your transmission. We will completely flush the system with the proper fluid, remove the fluid pan, replace the filter (if applicable), clean fluid pan, replace fluid pan gasket, and make all applicable adjustments. We recommend that you flush your transmission every third time your transmission is serviced.  If the transmission contains a non-serviceable filter, we only drain and refill transmission and never flush to protect your transmission.

When should I service my transmission?

  • Highway driven vehicle: 24 months or 24,000 miles
  • Stop and go traffic: 12 months or 12,000 miles
  • This is the life of your transmission!

Do you have to take my transmission apart to see what’s wrong with it?

In most cases NO! Most transmission related problems can be repaired while the transmission is still in the vehicle. Automatic transmissions with internal problems can be diagnosed in the vehicle and we can give you a fair, honest, firm price for repairs before any work begins. Most of the time, standard shift transmissions and transfer case problems require disassembly of the unit before a price can be given. An estimate is provided before any work begins and we come extremely close to the estimated price.

How long will it take to check my transmission?

We ask that customers leave their vehicles with us as early in the day as possible so that we have time to properly diagnose the problem and get back to you by noon with a firm price to fix your vehicle.

What does your transmission service include?

Our transmission service includes a road test, under car inspection, computer scan, removal of transmission oil pan (if applicable), and visual inspection of pan area and valve body connections. We perform all applicable adjustments, replace transmission oil filter (if applicable), clean and reinstall oil pan with new gasket, fill with proper fluid, and conduct final road test.

What does your transmission flush include?

Our transmission flush includes the same services as our standard transmission service, but before we remove the transmission oil pan, your vehicle is hooked up to completely flush all fluid from your transmission, torque converter, and transmission cooler, then replace it with the proper fluid for your vehicle. After flushing your transmission, we perform our routine transmission service.

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