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12 Month Unlimited Mile Warranty,

Ask about our 3 year unlimited mile warranty.

¨ Rear Wheel, Front Wheel, & 4x4

¨ Manual or Automatic Transmissions

¨ Drive Axles

¨ Manual Clutches

¨ Transfer Cases

¨ Universal Joints

¨ Brake Service

¨ Foreign or Domestic

Visa, Master Card, and Discover Accepted

Computer Diagnostics Available On most Vehicles.

(Free Hook Up)


Transmission Service

Includes road test, under car inspection, computer scan, removal of transmission oil pan, and visual inspection of pan area and valve body connections.  Perform all applicable adjustments, replace transmission oil filter (if applicable), clean and reinstall oil pan with new gasket, fill with proper fluid and conduct final road test.  


Transmission Flush

Same as our standard transmission service but before we remove the transmission oil pan, your vehicle is hooked up to our TRANSTECH III Transmission Flusher to completely flush all fluid from your transmission, torque converter, and transmission cooler, then replace it with the proper fluid for your vehicle.  After flushing your transmission, we perform our routine transmission service.  


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